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The Importance of Dermatologist Tested Skincare Products

When it comes to choosing the right skincare products to achieve that perfect glow, it helps to turn to the experts; dermatologists.

As medical doctors specializing in the largest organ of the body, dermatologists spend all day caring for the skin of their patients so it’s safe to assume they’re knowledgeable on different skin types, as well as the ins and outs of the ingredients most commonly found within the skincare industry.

While it would be nice to have a dermatologist with us every time we bought a new product to let us know if the products we are using are something they would include in their own regimen, we do have the next best thing; dermatologist tested skincare.

What Does Dermatologist Tested Mean?

Dermatologist tested skin care takes a lot of the guesswork out when trying to determine if a product is suitable for most skin types.

Many skincare and cosmetics products have this certification when they are effective for most skin types and are not known to be irritating.

We are proud to say that Thayers products are now officially dermatology tested. When a skincare product such as Thayers witch hazel Facial Toners and Astringents are deemed “dermatology tested”, they must go through a range of procedures to determine if the products are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. While there are a few testing methods to choose from, we have chosen the RIPT Skin Allergy Test, which is performed under the supervision of a dermatologist.

The Repeat Insult Patch Test

The Repeat Insult Patch Test is administered by dermatologists, and is a rigorous testing method that is recognized within the industry and by dermatologists everywhere.

So how exactly does the RIPT testing work? The Repeat Insult Patch Test is a clinical study done to establish the potential of irritation from the product in question. After the completion of all the patch tests, the testing must be signed off by a dermatologist.

We never want our customers to feel like they have to make a choice between having healthy skin and using our products. Going through the RIPT procedure and getting certified as dermatology tested is important to our commitment to always remaining up to date on certification and testing, while also giving our customers peace of mind when choosing the red cap.

Ingredients Matter

With the skincare industry growing at a fast pace, they are a multitude of options for your unique skin concerns which might seem like great news.

However, it’s easier now to get sucked into pretty packaging and clever marketing and end up buying something that is either not doing anything for you or worse, damaging your skin.

Whatever we apply topically on our skin is getting absorbed right into our body, which means being knowledgeable when it comes to deciphering the labels on your skincare can really pay off and contribute to optimal skin health in the long run. Making the switch to clean skincare means using products with less ingredients and ones that are botanical extract based, making it easier for your skin to absorb all the good stuff and none of the bad.

As a natural skincare company, Thayers only uses high quality ingredients and make the effort to cut out potential irritants and harmful ingredients. We love that our formulas don’t contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes!

Understanding Your Skin Type

Another factor that will help you determine the right products for you is understanding your unique skin type. There are four universal skin types that most people fall under; normal, dry, oily and combination, but it’s also possible to have a combination of these four skin types as well.

It’s helpful to keep an eye out on how your skin changes throughout the day so you can seek out the proper products your skin needs. For example, toners and astringents have been proven to be effective for those who have trouble controlling the amount of oil their face produces, or for those who are prone to breakouts. Ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera and rosewater are great natural ingredients that balance out oily skin and help ease acne breakouts.

Protecting Your Skin

To help set you on the path to clear, healthy skin, we want you to be armed with three key pieces of knowledge when choosing your next skin product. Is it dermatologist tested? Are the ingredients simple and easy to read? Does this make sense with my skin type?

Reviews can also be helpful when choosing a new skincare product for you. In addition, if you see the dermatologist tested certification, you can further trust the validity and efficacy of the product.

Looking out for a dermatologist tested certification as well as reading ingredients and knowing your skin type are some of the easiest ways you can achieve beautiful, glowing skin! Remember to take a look at these things the next time you shop around for a new skincare product.


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