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From Farm to Skin

Here’s How our Witch Hazel is Made

Curious about the journey our signature Witch Hazel goes on? Ever wonder about the genesis of how this plant blended with organic Aloe Vera propelled Thayers to be the #1 brand in toners and astringents that thousands of customers know and love nationwide? We’re giving you a behind the scenes look at how our renowned Witch Hazel skincare products are made by clocking its adventure from farm to skin. Read below to find out how the red-capped formulas are born!

Step One: Farm

Witch Hazel is indigenous to the Northeastern United States. It’s a deciduous shrub with smooth gray-brown bark that sheds its leaves at the end of each growing season. Unlike most other Witch Hazel products, our Witch Hazel is harvested the old fashioned way, by hand from a certified organic family farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut – also home to our HQ. The leaves and twigs of the Witch Hazel plants are trimmed from the branches and collected for delivery to the next phase.

Step Two: Lab

While many businesses maintain supply chains that stretch all over the world, we pride ourselves on responsible manufacturing and environmental practices. The plant clippings of the Witch Hazel are then transported to our local manufacturer, about 10 miles away. It’s there that our Witch Hazel clippings are soaked and softened, as they’re immersed in water alongside our organic Aloe Vera to create our proprietary Witch Hazel Aloe Vera blend. This process is similar to making a cup of tea. It’s a gentle method that doesn’t damage the plants and uses a filter to make the blend perfect for cosmetic and commercial use. It’s during this phase that any additional extracts and essential water such as Rose Water, Lavender Water and Essence of Cucumber, are added to the formula. What makes this combination unique and sets us apart from our competitors is that we do not distill our Witch Hazel to create our extract, so our formula maintains a potent amount of skin beneficial tannins.

Step Three: Skin

As the last step, our vegetable-derived glycerin, which is a humectant—meaning, it attracts and seals moisture into your skin—is introduced to the formula. With continued use, glycerin helps in improving the appearance and texture of your skin, making it look soft, smooth, and dewy. The final mixture is filtered to yield a clear liquid. This clear liquid is what consumers know and love as our Astringent and Toners, encapsulated in red-capped bottles seen on bathroom vanities and in aisles of select retailers, including Target, Ulta and Whole Foods, nationwide.


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