Why Should You Use Toner?

Our Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents are an integral part of any skin care routine. Traditionally the second step in an ever-evolving process, toning comes after the skin has been cleansed. The purpose of this is to hydrate the skin and prepare it to absorb the treatments that follow it. Our Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents can become a staple in any beauty regimen because of these four reasons.

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A tall glass of lemonade for your skin. After cleansing, your skin will be vulnerable and in need of moisture. Toners can help bind the already existent moisture to your skin. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, toners may add an extra level of hydration to your skin. Not only do toners keep your skin hydrated, but they can help skin absorb other products more quickly. This happens because when the skin is wet it absorbs topical products more quickly.

Protect your exterior. Toners can close pores and tighten cell gaps, that are often left open after cleansing. Once the pores are closed, the skin is less likely to be penetrated by impurities and pollution. This will leave skin visibly smoother, because there is a reduced risk for blemishes.

Mystical relief for your skin. Typically toners remove the excess oils and dead skin left behind by regular face washes. The skin may produce extra oil when alkaline cleansers and soaps are used. These types of soaps upset the skin’s pH balance because skin is naturally acidic. Toners are able to restore the skin’s pH balance by removing the left behind oils.

Everyone’s best friend. Toners are perfect all the time for any reason. They can be used to keep skin hydrated while you travel, to renew hydration after a workout, or keep skin from breaking out by closing pores. They are also beneficial for people with all skin types. If you find yourself with oily skin maybe tone twice a day to keep skin balanced, while those with dry skin can use toners to keep skin hydrated.

There should be no debate over adding a toner to your skincare routine, just a question of which scent to try next!

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  • Liqin Chen