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America was born in 1776 and will celebrate 243 years this Fourth of July. Born just 71 years behind America, the Thayers brand has been in business since 1847 and has stood the test of time as an iconic all-American company. As symbolic and familiar as the flag itself, our signature red cap is the defining and classic feature that has become synonymous with trustworthy skincare and natural remedies. The vision set forth to create eco-friendly and cruelty-free products that people can rely on has evolved into a 172 year-long reality.

What makes us such a trusted and beloved brand for so many years goes back to our remarkable history and legacy. In 1847, the son of a prominent physician from one of Massachusetts’ founding families, Dr. Henry Thayer, launched Henry Thayer & Company, which became the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in America during the Civil War. Initially selling exclusively to medical professionals, Dr. Thayer opened a laboratory on Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he produced his line of herbal extracts that grew to include over 800 products in the form of infusions, poultices, syrups, tinctures and wines.

For us, it was and continues to be about family. When Dr. Thayer passed away in 1902 and left the company to his niece, Thayers was well on its way to becoming a beloved, globally recognized brand that would go on to produce an array of sought-after skincare and natural remedies. Today, Thayers is under different family ownership. We call a family farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut headquarters, where the feel is more homey than corporate operation. Our office is technically inside a barn, which is a nod to the all-American symbolism Thayers is comprised of and known for. It’s in this warm and hospitable environment where the brand tenants of trust, industriousness, health, quality, value and reliability come to life, and where the development of time-tested skincare and natural remedies to generations of happy customers continues.

When it comes to our ingredients, consistency is key. American organic Witch Hazel Extract was the legacy ingredient in many of the products back then and continues to be our hero ingredient to this day. The Witch Hazel is never distilled, instead, it’s harvested and extracted the old-fashioned way to become the proprietary organic Witch Hazel Aloe Vera blend present in a wide variety of highly sought after Thayers products. This process sets our brand apart from many of its competitors because our clinically-studied blend contains 195% more tannins, which is a naturally occurring substance that balances the skin’s pH levels, displays good antioxidant properties, reduces irritation and serves as one of the best natural acne remedies on the market.

In addition to Witch Hazel, our other celebrated ingredient within the product portfolio is Slippery Elm. Extracted from the Ulmus Fulva Tree, this powerhouse supplement is a natural demulcent endorsed by the FDA for its soothing, protective, moisturizing and healing properties. Slippery Elm is the active ingredient in a variety of our healthcare remedies, including Lozenges to heal, comfort and bring therapy to throats and organic Lip Balms to moisturize and heal chapped lips.

Through a long-standing commitment to creating pure, effective productsof the highest natural quality, we have built a loyal consumer base. All of our premium Witch Hazel products are manufactured and packaged with a nostalgic nod to Dr. Thayer, whose likeness and profile graces every product. Toners, astringents, facial mists, blemish sticks, towelettes, lozenges and lip balms are finished with an iconic red cap and shippedto select retailers nationwide, including Target, Ulta and Whole Foods, to name a few.

According to data from SPINS, the leading provider of wellness-focused data technology, Thayers is the number one brand in toners, astringents and facial mists in the natural channel, a position we’ve held for many years. We’re also the number one brand, recently surpassing Neutrogena, in toners, astringents and facial mists in the multi outlet channel, which includes grocery, drugstore and mass merchandise stores such as Target. In fact, our #1 selling Rose Petal Toner has amassed such a cult-like following over the years, that it’s impossible not to spot the red cap in a skincare routine top shelf blog post or within the first few seconds of a casual scroll through skincare hashtags on Instagram. That’s because our certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free stamp of approval, and price point are so appealing to such a wide variety of consumers.

“Consumers know they’re getting clean, safe and high quality ingredients at a price they can afford, which has become exceptionally hard to find in brands as the market becomes more saturated,” said Andrea Gity, Thayers Marketing Manager. “With new skincare releases coming out every day, there’s something to be said about finding a staple, and that’s what people find with our products. Our timeless simplicity and product effectiveness are what they come back to time and time again.”

Regardless of what your particular needs are, rest assured knowing our products were made with the utmost love and care, with year-around attention to production right here in America. We are a brand as tried and true as the red, white and blue and you can be sure to always “Trust the Red Cap.”

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  • What is the difference from the Thayers Astringent, Witch Hazel, Original and the toners

    • Carolina @ Thayers
      July 12, 2019 12:09 pm

      Hi Irene,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! The Astringents contain alcohol, whereas our Facial Toners are all Alcohol-free.


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