Welcome to Toner School! We’re so glad you’re here. We see questions all the time about our in our most talked about product: Toner; whether it’s necessary in your routine, is witch hazel good or bad (something the internet can’t seem to agree on), and which Toner is the right solution for your skin. Buckle up for this 2-week crash-course featuring Toner history, science, giveaways and more!


Congratulations! You’ve made it half-way through Toner School, and there’s no better day to take a break than #skincaresaturday! Plus, after all this learning we feel like it’s time for a reward, so it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! The winner will receive this toning sampler backpack, including our best selling Rose Petal Toner in full size, and trial size mist, as well as a full sized Unscented Facial Mist, and Trial Size Toner so that you have all you need to try something new! Plus you get to keep the cute backpack in our signature school color, Thayers Red! <3 

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The Truth About Witch Hazel

The Truth About Witch Hazel In the skincare world, Witch Hazel has been catapulted as a supreme, multifunctional ingredient, especially when it comes to toners. Although Witch Hazel has been used as an effective and healing ingredient in many skincare products for decades, recently there have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding this flowering shrub….

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From Farm to Skin: Here’s How Thayers Witch Hazel is Made

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Tannins in Witch Hazel: A Perfect Combination for Any Skin Type

At Thayers Natural Remedies, we are committed to quality. As a loyal customer, you know that Thayers Witch Hazel products are proven to be great for keeping your skin looking healthy, glowing and beautiful. But do you know the reason why? One easy answer is tannins. Here at Thayers we are dedicated to informing those who…