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Wondering if witch hazel toner is right for you? Your questions stop here. For 170 years, Thayers has been committed to creating pure, alcohol-free toners and astringents, and we’re here to help your skin journey in any way possible. So, we created an educational space to incorporate everything you need to know about Thayers cruelty-free remedies and toner.

With thousands of 5-star reviews and as the recent winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award, who else can you trust with skincare advice than Thayers? Grab your paper and pencil because Toner School is in session.

Thayers Facial Toner All Day Hydration

Lesson 1: All Day Hydration

✨Welcome to #TonerSchool!✨

Class is back in session. We’ll cover the benefits, history and chemistry behind our beloved Facial Toner. Sharpen those pencils for Lesson 1: All Day Hydration!

💧 Delivers 8-hour hydration

💧 Keeps skin moisturized, renewed & refreshed (after just one use!)

💧 Absorbs into skin instantly

Lesson 2: Pore Size 101 

Now you see them, now you don’t 👀 Here’s what a simple swipe of Facial Toner can do to tackle pores of all shapes & sizes: 

✨ Visibly reduces pore size 

✨ Supports a healthy skin barrier (not too oily/not too dry) 

✨ Never clogs pores (non-comedogenic)

Lesson 3: Moisture Barrier

The secret to truly renewed skin? Maintaining a rich moisture barrier💧Our farm to bottle water formula bestows long lasting moisture to skin of all types:

💧Maintains skin barrier

💧Prevents water loss

💧Nourishes skin

Lesson 4: Skin Texture 101

The right facial toner with gentle, yet effective natural ingredients can work wonders for your skin texture – here's how:  

✨ Visibly smoother skin texture 

✨ Noticeably more even skin tone 

✨ Leaves skin clarified and silky smooth 

Lesson 5: Alcohol-Free

If you could take one thing away from Toner School it should be this: not all Witch Hazel is created equal. We love staying true to our farm to bottle toner formula that is 100% alcohol-free, always.

🌹 100% Alcohol-free 

🌹 Never feels drying 

🌹 Water based formulation process 

Lesson 6: Gentle on Skin

Settle into your seats for Lesson 6 of Toner School! The sensorial experience of applying our toner is one you won’t forget – it’s gentle on the skin, perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types.  

✓ Gentle & lightweight application 

✓ Leaves skin feeling soothed 

✓ Skin never feels stripped  

Lesson 7: Healthy Skin 101

There’s one final lesson to cover. Incorporating a toner into your routine is the foundation of all healthy skin- here’s what it can do for you:

❤️ Improves quality of skin

❤️ Skin looks and feels healthier

❤️ Skin looks radiant



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