In order for your home to truly feel like it’s your sanctuary, it has to be the place where you feel the most joy. What sparks this joy? According to Marie Kondo’s “KonMari Method,” it’s tidying up your space by acknowledging your belongings for their service and only keeping the items that bring you joy. In the same way our homes serve as havens, so does our skin, serving as the outer barrier protecting our bodies. In order to feel at home in our skin, we want to look in the mirror and feel joy, which can be hard to do with a blemish.

In addition to getting rid of items, prioritizing aesthetic updates and targeting problem areas, is key. After fixing a stained countertop, chipped furniture, or creaky door, use our Lemon Blemish Stick to target problem areas on your face. Use it to take care of a blemish or outbreak. Like the KonMari Method, the blemish stick is a simple method with exceptional results. The stick combines our Lemon Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera formula and Tea Tree Oil in a quick, easy to use roller ball to promote powerful healing on impact.

What makes this trio so effective when it comes to fighting acne and skin imperfections is its unique formulation. Witch Hazel serves as a natural astringent that cleanses the affected area and dries out the oil that’s causing the blemish. Aloe Vera has incredible healing properties and provides moisture and hydration, while Tea Tree Oil acts as a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. When combined, acne is wiped away.

So as you begin to think about spring cleaning, consider extending tidying up from the four walls of your home to the four walls of your face as well. After all, what’s more joyful than aesthetically flawless skin?


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