Witch Hazel Tannins

Thayers Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents contain skin healthy tannins. The bark of the witch hazel plant is where our tannins come from. Since our products are made the old-fashioned way and not distilled, they contain 195% more tannins. The tannins are responsible for making witch hazel naturally astringent, which helps to remove extra oil from the skin.

It’s known that Thayers Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents can benefit your skin, but did you know why? Our Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents contain skin healthy tannins, that come from the bark of our beloved witch hazel plant. Tannins can help remove the extra oil from your skin, and that is why our products are made the old-fashioned way! Since our products are not distilled they contain 195% more tannins.

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What are Tannins?

Have you ever peeled a grape? If so, then you may have found the skin to taste bitter and leave your mouth feeling dry. That is because of tannins, which are bitter-tasting naturally occurring substances found in the barks or skin of some plants, in this case grapes. They are the things that make your red wine taste dry.

But, they aren’t only found there. Tannins are also an ingredient in our Thayers toners and astringents. As they have mild antioxidant properties, tannins help clean, clear, and add a glow to your skin.

Now, we don’t recommend drinking our toner to taste the tannins, but you will have fresher looking skin because of them.

Why are they good for my skin?

You may not smell it, but you’ll surely feel it! Tannins may reduce irritation. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tannins found in our Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents work to soothe your skin on the spot.  

Tannins are magic for your skin! The mystical antioxidant properties for tannins attach to free radicals to your skin, which may leave your pores squeaky clean and your skin with a youthful glow.

Say bye to dry skin and hello to relief! Toners, especially those with natural tannins like ours, help to balance the skin’s pH levels and keep it from getting too dry or too oily.

Tannins will leave you feeling naturally appealing. Tannins are what make witch hazel on of the most effective natural acne remedies. Tannins are the hidden power behind the magical benefits of witch hazel.

The tannins in Thayers Witch Hazel Toners and Astringents will leave your skin so fresh it  will think you’re at the spa.

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