As we transition from winter to spring, nature awakens, the warm air returns, and our skin is craving a fresh beginning. While we can’t control the changing temps, we can control the way we take care of our skin as a result. The winter months put our skin under a fair amount of stress, as the dry air, cold wind, and heavier makeup tends to strip skin of essential moisture and trigger inflammation. As we prepare for spring, it’s imperative that we begin to incorporate products that pump the moisture back in. Additionally, as skin adjusts to warmer weather, more oil gets trapped on the surface of the skin and can leave it feeling greasy, which can lead to breakouts.

To battle both issues, look no further than our  Body Bars, a luxurious, all-natural soap bubbling with aromatherapy and moisture to help you gently shed last seasons skin and take on the new. Made with our famous witch hazel aloe vera formula, the Body Bar’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties work to fight excess oil, reduce breakouts and tone the skin.

Offered in three invigorating scents, including citrus, peppermint, and rose, discover the best bar to suit your spring skin – though if you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to resist grabbing them all.

Citrus Body Bar

Ideal for sensitive skin types, the Citrus Body Bar produces a soothing lather that relieves dryness. It lacks any artificial preservatives and will leave you smelling like a key lime fresh from the tree.  

Peppermint Body Bar 

Ideal for all skin types, the Peppermint Body Bar restores the skin while stirring the senses. It cools, soothes, and awakens your skin with its invigorating properties that leave you feeling alive and squeaky clean.

Rose Petal Body Bar

Ideal for delicate skin, the Rose Petal Body Bar tightens the pores to reduce discoloration and inflammation thanks to its organic astringent properties from the witch hazel and aloe vera.


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