Spray Away Allergy Season with Slippery Elm

Enter our natural remedy hero, Slippery Elm, to keep your allergy woes at bay!

Spring is approaching and so are some of the unfortunate side effects that come with it. While warmer weather is for the most part a welcome change to the freezing cold, the actual transition from cold to warm can be rough for allergy sufferers. Springtime sore throats, seemingly incurable coughs, and runny noses do not raise a sense of joy with this crowd. 


You’re barking up the right tree! This Henry Thayers’ approved natural remedy is made from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree. The active ingredient in slippery elm is mucilage, a substance that has been found to coat the throat, soothe soreness, reduce irritation of mucous membranes, and help prevent coughing.  


Feel the sweet relief. Once allergy season kicks off and you feel yourself succumbing to those nasty symptoms, it’s time to break out the slippery elm products:

Thayers Lozenges are the products for you if you find yourself suffering from sore throats and constant coughing.

When the urge to sniff those fragrant flowers is too much to resist, have your Saline Nasal Spray on standby.



When your allergies leave your lips dry, hydrate your smile with our Lip Balms, which use slippery elm as the main ingredient.

Don’t let Mother Nature take away your springtime fun; make sure to incorporate slippery elm into your daily natural health care routine to fight off allergies.


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