Simple DIY Foot Soak with Herbal Blend

Tired, sore feet? Reward them with a post-holiday treat! Bring your feet back to life with our simple DIY foot soak. It contains soothing ingredients to help you relax and leave your feet softer, healthier and refreshed.

What You’ll Need

• 2 cups of Epsom salt
• 4 tbsp of Herbal Floral Blend (Chamomile, Lavender and Calendula)
• 2 tbsp of Thayers Unscented Facial Toner
• 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
• 2 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
• 8oz Mason Jar


Combine epsom salt with the herbal floral blend, Thayers Unscented Toner, lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil. Mix well and transfer mixture into an 8oz mason jar. When ready to use, add 2 tablespoons of the foot soak to a basin of warm water and soak your feet while you relax!