Slippery Elm: A Sound Remedy for Singers

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For all you singers, vocalists, screamers, and belters, Thayers has a sound natural remedy for that dry, scratchy throat. Widely used by singers, those who trill, talk, testify, and extend the limits of their vocal abilities, our Slippery Elm Lozenges and Dry Mouth Spray  provide relief to keep you using that beautiful, powerful voice all day and night.

Unlike menthol, Slippery Elm Lozenges and Dry Mouth Spray do not dull the voice. The original Thayers formula was first created in 1847 specifically for opera singers and is now widely used by all types of vocalists.

Here’s what The Voice Season 7 contestants Damien Lawson and Sugar Joans had to say about these sound natural remedies:


Wonder how we create these lozenges and mouth spray? The inner bark is ground into a powder and then combined with a crystalline substance to form a throat lozenge. The powdered bark of the tree keeps your throat moist, which eases the discomfort brought on by inflammation. Our Dry Mouth Spray is mouth-moistening magic and replaces saliva and moisturizes the mouth with a blast of freshness.

Delivering instant relief from debilitating dryness, sprays are a perfect saliva replacement, and our lozenges are an ideal saliva stimulant. Whichever you choose, we’ve got the best way to wet your whistle

Along with our Vocal Power Pack, practice these 4 simple and effective ways to take care of your voice:

  • Try not to scream over loud background noise.
  • Don’t overdo spicy foods, which can cause laryngeal irritation.
  • Don’t sit hunched over your computer keyboard or desk. This puts a strain on your neck muscles, which are important in voice production.
  • Don’t spend too long in cold, dry air. The larynx likes to be wet and warm. Steam inhalation will thin out mucus trapped in the nose and throat.

Keep on spreading that naturally beautiful music!


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