Healthy living advocate, mama of 3, and skincare and beauty blogger, Janny Organically, gave us some inside scoop on her take for healthy skin tips to take on in the new year!

Hi Janny! When did you begin living your life organically, and what influenced you to do so?

J: So, the word “organically” in Janny: Organically originated from a Psalm about striving to be a person who produces fruit in season. It just so happened that it lined up with my holistic lifestyle which began about 15 years ago. My health was on a rapid decline, and I was on several prescription medications for numerous undiagnosed conditions. I began to look outside Western Medicine and over the past decade and a half have overhauled the way I look at food, healthcare, skincare, and, well, basically anything that goes in, on or around my body or home.

There is so much going on in skincare at the moment and it may be easy to get confused with where to start. Any tips for anyone just starting a skincare routine in 2018?

J: I agree skincare is confusing and in this newer world of greenwashing, the labels and certifications are getting trickier to decipher. I would emphasize the “less is more” philosophy and invest in a few products like a cleanser, moisturizer/oil and treatment mask.

Do you think re-booting or starting fresh with a skincare routine helps with reminders about keeping it natural in 2018?

J: Every so often our skin definitely needs fresh start, but remember it takes time to work. Unless you’re having an adverse reaction, I recommend giving your routine several weeks before declaring a product useless.

If you had to break or simplify one myth about using conscious and natural products in everyday life, what would it be?

J: “Face oils make acne worse.” Oil gets a bad rap for causing acne, when it’s actually more likely that acne is the symptom of an unhealthy gut, hormonal imbalance or food allergy/ intolerance. However, if there is excess oil on the face, the best way to balance it is with oil since like dissolves like. Don’t be afraid of applying face oils, I bet you’ll love them!

Do you have a morning skin routine AND evening skin routine? If so, how do they differ?

J: As busy as I am, I really try to make sure I have a few moments dedicated to skincare at the start and end of every day. In the morning, I use Josh Rosebrook’s Herbal Infusion Oil to cleanse my face and then apply a toner and face oil or cream. In the evening, I use the same Infusion Oil to remove my make-up, followed by a cleanser as a second means of making my face squeaky clean. At this point I’ll apply a treatment mask 2-3 days per week before applying a thicker or night-time specific face oil or cream.

For many, skincare and body care varies as the seasons change. Anything you’re switching up this winter and beginning in 2018?

J: I’m constantly campaigning for people to use body oil instead of lotion for moisturizing, and while I still use it in the winter time, the change is that I’ll use a body balm or wax for my hands during the winter season for extra care.

Why does it matter to take care of your skin if you already consider yourself to be a healthy eater?

J: What goes on our skin ends may very well end up in our body through our bloodstream, so it’s important to look at skin care the same way we look at food; familiarize yourself with ingredients you want as well as the ones to avoid. Have you known about the benefits of Witch Hazel before Thayers? The first and only brand of Witch Hazel I’ve ever bought is Thayers! I have made plenty of DIY’s with it including a postpartum spray and anti-itch cream.


Yoga or Meditation? Prayer, which can definitely be a form of meditation!

Go-to Grocery Store? Whole Foods usually has most of the refrigerated products I need!

Favorite Herb? I tend to use a product with Calendula daily, so that’s probably my pick!

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