The Best Beauty Buys From Whole Foods

1/1/2015 – Some argue that Whole Foods isn’t just a shopping experience — it’s a way of life. It’s easy to get lost in its aisles, and not just when you’re hunting around for dinner. The beauty and skin­care department of this health emporium is a hub of amazingness, especially among our in-­the ­know readers. The market is a mini […]

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The American Beauty Products Korean Girls Go Crazy For

2/10/15 – Korea’s reputation as a mecca for beauty innovation is driven in large part by its demanding — and, let’s be real, obsessed — consumers. Though local giants like Amorepacific and LG (nope, they don’t just make TVs and phones) dominate the cosmetics market, foreign players comprise a quarter of the industry. Unfortunately, Korea levies annoyingly unfriendly taxes on […]

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Soothe Your Skin With This Classic Cure­-All

9/26/13 – We’re all for the latest in skin­care science, but sometimes — when your skin is acting up — you crave something soothing, rather than the latest beauty innovation. Enter: Witch hazel, which has been used to cure everything from acne to psoriasis to reactions to poison ivy. The best part? Witch hazel is powerful, yet gentle, so you’ll […]

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26 Must-Have Rose-Infused Beauty Products

As May blooms, it’s high time that our beauty regime follows suit. To freshen up our routines, we’re taking a cue from the all ­powerful, romantic rose. The rule of thumb for smelling lovely, and not cloying? Choose products that use authentic rose essential oil or water in order to truly experience the flower’s delicate scent—and keep an eye out […]

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23 Natural Beauty Products Our Editors Actually Use

4/22/15 – If a trip to Whole Foods’s beauty aisle feels like a daunting task (so many choices!), let us be your tour guide. We asked all of our editors in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City which natural products they actually use to give you the best chance at choosing grooming goodies that work. In honor of […]

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12 Elle Editors Share Their Favorite Makeup Removers

What’s the difference between Kim Kardashian and editors? Apart from well, most things, Kim reportedly sleeps in her makeup, and we wash our faces before bed. After investigating the importance of sleeping with clean skin, even the most low-maintenance, acne-immune editors in the group were convinced to use (at the very least) a face wipe before bed. “I tell […]

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