We asked Dr. Sally Byrd for the inside scoop on pH levels, balance in lifestyle, and quick tips for healthy, glowing skin.

So, what’s Ph?

The term Ph relates to the level of acidity or alkalinity in your body. The typical American diet is acid-rich and alkaline-poor.

The Ph scale neutral zone is a seven which sits in the middle of the 1-14 range scale. For simplification purposes – An acid Ph is a range less than seven , while alkaline Ph is over a seven. Our arterial blood Ph required for healthy breathing and circulation has an optimal level of 7.4.

However, for best nutrient absorption and cellular bioavailability, the stomach must have a lower Ph than the rest of your body. Hydrochloric acid used to break down the foods we eat is highly acidic and the best range is 1.0-3.5. Each system has its own unique Ph level. Even healthy lifestyle choices can increase acidotic production like intense exercise. This is why using electrolyte drinks, raw salt and mineral supplements can help “weekend warriors”, competitive athletes to reduce the lactic acid build up from overworking muscles and fatigue.

Balance is the key.

Some surprises are lemons, limes and raw apple cider vinegar which appear to be acidic, however, they actually increase your body’s natural buffering agents and offer alkaline support when ingested. Simple 1-3 teaspoons add-ed to your drinking water can keep your body running efficiently. Another alkaline surprise is healthy salt and black coffee! Small amounts of raw salt and organic black coffee consumed after a meal (no cream or sugar) offer alkaline support.

Ph and simple skin health!

Even skincare products should be Ph friendly. The acid mantle on your skin needs to be balanced to retain beautiful skin as you age. Your skin thrives on a slightly acid level ranging from a 4-6.5. with a delicate acidic mantle covering, ranging from a 4 to 5.5.

Many abrasive facial cleansers act like detergents and strip the skin of this protective covering, leading to dull, dry, red, irritated and stressed skin.

Using naturally proven methods which retain the healing mechanisms in Witch Hazel like Thayers; that contain an average Ph of 5.0 after cleansing, maintains this healthy protective layer for skin and allows skin to spring back to life!

Natural Rose Water with Witch Hazel, for matured or drier skin lends another layer of protective moisture support skin health and moisture as we age that will work well with a hyaluronic acid based serum or cream. Aloe Vera averages 5.0 ph which makes it a gentle skin agent will also calm and moisturize the skin. Try using the Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner for relief of puffy eyes and dark circles while eating a more alkaline based nutritional program. Beautiful skin is balance. From eating, sleeping, moderating exercise and happy spirit; they all work together to bring out the beauty in you!



• Drink 3 quarts of spring water infused with lemon, limes, grapefruit and raw salt

• Sleep 7-8 hours of deep sleep per night

• Use a bio-mat or Infrared sauna for 30-60 minutes to detox cells naturally

• Drink green super-food drinks to promote a more alkaline body

• Supplement with high quality probiotics

• Supplement with magnesium and zinc

• Add fresh herbs like basil, mints, oregano, cilantro, curry or chili to your meals

• Consume Alkaline forming foods daily

• Find exercises that invigorate your body , not drain your energy.

• Eat more fat! Healthy butters, oils, coconut,avocado and nuts

• Discover your blood type and go for the 80/20 rule for the rest of your life!

Dr. Sally Byrd
East Coast Sales and Education for American Biotech Labs and friend of Thayers!

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