As we incorporate ‘all-natural’ into our everyday lives, we often care as much about what we put on our skin as we do with what we eat. So it’s understandable then as to why we want to put  the most natural, healthy ingredients possible on our skin!
This is true for Thayers just as much as it is to Amanda Pahls, mother of 3, home educator, blogger, and all-natural lover. We got the chance to chat with Amanda to get her inside scoop on how she’s made natural wellness a part of her and her family’s daily lives!


Many people who start to buy more “health conscious” foods or body/skin products have started so because they take their kids and family into consideration. Have you noticed any healthy lifestyle changes after having your kids?

Absolutely! In fact, I never really thought too much about the foods I was eating or products I was using on my body and in our home until having children.

Before having our first daughter, I was not very informed about the many harmful chemicals we use daily or healthier alternatives we could be using instead until I started researching. Before long, I had traded most of our generic household cleaners and body care products with healthy and home-made alternatives!

How would you say Thayers products fit into your lifestyle?

Thayers products are all-natural, herbal based & cruelty free but they also smell amazing and have lovely packaging. We use their soaps for our daughters’ baths, toners and witch hazels for cleaning and toning my skin & various witch hazels in our essential oil roller balls I make for our daughters and even use it to make our linen sprays!

Skincare can be intimidating. Even the words “skin-care routine” sound intimidating to some. How do you approach the skin’s needs and wants in a simple non-complicated way?

Non-complicated is the only way I can do it! In the mornings, if I get around to it, I like to use a gentle cleanser, a high quality toner and all natural oil + essential oil serum. I’m pretty simple, so I try to keep my face clean, toned and moisturized while using high quality products, but I don’t stress much about it.

What kinds of ingredients do you look for when shopping for your kids’ body care and health needs?

I’m probably more conscious of what I use for my children than I am for myself. I definitely look for high quality, all natural, cruelty free, and herbal/essential oil based products. I have learned that for any mass produced, chemical filled product, there is another way and that we have the option to use products that are beneficial for both our health and our environment!

As trends come in and out of the health world, especially more recently, how do you stay true to listening to what your skin and body needs?

I like the, “if I can’t pronounce it, I shouldn’t eat it or use it on my body” rule. I can usually look at a product’s ingredients and know right away if I feel safe using it on myself or our children. If the ingredient list is longer than my grocery list, that’s a sure sign it’s not some-thing I want to be using. Trends will come and go, but chemicals and harmful ingredients will stay just those. Essential oils, plant & herb based, sustainable and natural elements are ingredients I know I can trust!


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