Natural Joint Relief Remedies

Fall is in full swing and so are all the fun activities associated with it! As the weather begins to cool and become bearable for outside activities like apple picking, our joints may experience a new kind of pain. Each season as the weather shifts from one temperature to another our joints may have a hard time transitioning. As the weather continues to cool it may be time to look for natural joint relief remedies.

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Change is in the air. As different weather systems move in, joint tissue may feel the difference more strongly than the rest of your body. The changing air pressure may affect the pressure in the brain, which will in turn affect the way the brain blocks pain. For joint relief in this transitory state it may help to add the use of a heating pad when winding down from your day or relax in a warm bath.

Cold weather care. Cold weather often leads to stiff muscles because the body has a tendency to tighten up muscles. If you plan on being active in the colder months make sure to stretch before and after work outs to avoid unnecessary strain to muscles and joints. Add our Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief Cooling Spray to your pre and post work out routines for help as well.

Massage life into your joints. While the cold weather is often unavoidable, a massage may help loosen stiff muscles and joints. For extra strength try using Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief Cooling Gel during a massage. Between the massage and our cooling gel your muscles may feel relief, if only temporary.

While the changing seasons and cold weather, may be a cause of concern and even pain, it will not last forever. Once temperatures even out, joints and muscles may feel more relief!

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