Must-Have Minis For Summer

Must-Have Minis for Summer

It’s official, the season of rest and relaxation is here, may the long vacations and weekend jaunts commence. Let packing be the least of your travel worries with the ease and convenience of Thayers 3oz., TSA-approved trial sizes of our famous skincare essentials.

Throw the mini version of our facial mist and toners in a suitcase, beach bag, or wedding clutch for an instant skin refresher whenever, wherever. Identical to their larger counterparts, all of our minis are alcohol-free and formulated with the same tried and true Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera remedy your skin craves for that extra boost of hydration, especially during the humid months. As a bonus, they’re multi-functional, doubling as primers and setting sprays, so you can forget about packing extra products or makeup melting as you soak up the sun or dance the night away. Now all that’s left to do is buy the ticket.



Travel with the power of flowers. Formulated with distilled rose petals, the rosewater is packed with natural oils and sugars to help restore dehydrated skin and bring out a natural, dewy, glowing complexion. The natural astringent properties of rose petals work in tandem with witch hazel to tighten pores, control oil production, lock moisture in, and keep free radicals out. Rosewater is also full of Vitamin C, which is crucial for collagen production, strengthening skin cells, and fading blemishes and scars. We love it under makeup before dinner and a night out.




Enjoy the same benefits of the toner in mist form. We love spritzing it on between songs at weddings for an instant skin refresh.






Stay cool wherever you are with the skin soothing properties of cucumber. The antioxidants in cucumbers diminish clogged pores and help fade blemishes, scarring, and under-eye circles. Packed with Vitamin C and caffeic acid to reduce puffiness and irritation. Vitamin B-5 in cucumbers also help to retain moisture in the skin, allowing for your skin to feel fresh all day. We love it front and center on our hotel vanities to use before a day of sightseeing.




Unwind with the serene scent of lavender. Lavender is incredibly gentle and beneficial for all skin types, especially those that are sensitive or acne-prone. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties cleanse and calm skin, help manage acne, and reduce redness and irritation. Not only does lavender help calm the skin from the outside-in, the smell physically calms you as well. We love soaking our faces in it after a long day on the beach.




Round out your trial size collection with the newest addition to our small but mighty mini family. The same revitalizing Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera formula you rely on now comes without the scent. We love it for just about everything.