Lavender Essential Oil Infused Pillow Mist

Has stress got you feeling restless?

If you’ve had trouble getting some shut-eye lately, this essential oil infused pillow mist will help calm and drift you off into a deep sleep in no time! Not only does this calming floral pillow mist smell good, but lavender essential oil is known for promoting relaxation and is a natural and effective way to treat insomnia. This sleep promoting pillow mist can be made with ingredients from home, and is an easy way to improve your overall sleep quality so you can wake up feeling energized and focused. ✨

What You’ll Need
• ½ cup of purified or distilled water
• ½ cup of Thayers Lavender Facial Toner
• 4-5 drops lavender essential oil
• Funnel
• Clear glass spray bottle
• Sprig of Rosemary


Pour distilled water and Thayers Lavender Facial Toner in a mixing bowl. Add in Lavender essential oil and stir mixture gently. Using the funnel, carefully pour Lavender Pillow Mist mixture into a small spray bottle, leaving enough room at the top to close without spilling. Add a sprig of rosemary to the bottle and sprinkle in lavender buds. Shake Lavender Pillow Mist before use. Sweet Dreams! 🌙💤