HOW TO: Making Dried Lavender for Your Home

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What kale is to superfoods, lavender is to essential oils. Not only does it smell great, but lavender also has innumerable physical and mental health benefits. The use of lavender oils in the home and on the body has been proven to reduce anxiety and emotional stress, increase brain function, naturally heal wounds, reduce signs of aging and even relieve isolated pain.

We asked local lavender curator, Lavender by the Bay, how to create a dried lavender bouquet fit for any home. After locating (or growing) the lavender plant, pick your desired amount of the stock—not just the fragrant flower tip. Next, bundle the stocks together and secure with a rubber band, wire, twine, etc. Hang the bundle upside down in a dry area for seven days. After the week drying period, feel free to switch the bouquet right side up, but make sure the bind remains intact. The bouquet is now ready to be used for fragrant decoration—it will continue to give off the lovely smell for 12-16 months. If you feel the scent is fading, gently massage the flower bulbs to reignite the oils and improve the smell.

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