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How Thayers Is Working to Improve the Quality of Everyone's Skin

It’s safe to say we’ve seen a lot since 1847. As one of the original skincare companies in the United States, Thayers is proud to have helped generations of families learn how to improve skin and how to prevent oily skin.

Although we’re often included on lists that discuss the best toner for skincare, we understand that not everybody knows who we are. That is why we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and how we’re striving to make your skin (and the world) better.

Here are six ways Thayers is working to improve the quality of everyone’s skin.

1. Certified Organic Witch Hazel and Certified Organic Aloe Vera

If you’ve been looking to find out how to get clearer skin naturally, then you’ll love our witch hazel toners, facial mists and other products. Since 2012, we’ve used USDA-certified organic witch hazel and aloe vera as part of our toner formulations.

This is a big deal because it requires us to uphold strict ingredient standards. While we believe it is the best option for our customers, we’ve also heard from many of you who have told us this was a big deciding factor in choosing us as a preferred brand.

2. Simple, Pure Ingredients

We firmly believe that skincare products should only include the ingredients necessary for efficacy and skin benefit. At Thayers, we are proud to say our entire line is made with the most simple and pure ingredients possible. We also strive to create a formula with the highest percentage of natural-origin ingredients, like our facial toners and facial mists, made of 98% natural-origin ingredients.

3. We Are a Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brand

Being good to the environment is an important consideration at Thayers. In addition to working hard to create the best toner for skincare, we also remain committed to being a vegan and cruelty-free brand.

We absolutely never test on animals and utilize only the safest vegan ingredients. The only exception to our vegan label is our slip balms, which do contain small amounts of beeswax. Bonus: All Thayers products are gluten-free, too!

4. Thayers Facial Toners, Mists and Astringents Are Dermatologist Tested for Safety

When you try a new skincare line, it is always important to ensure it has the words dermatologist tested on the package. To include the claim on the label, products must go through rigorous testing by trained skincare experts. Thayers is happy to announce that we’ve completed this review process with our facial toners, mists and astringents.

Of course, that means it is also important to understand the difference between dermatologist tested and dermatologist recommended. The latter is merely a term that suggests a skincare doctor is endorsing a product, either for paid purposes or because they truly believe in it, while dermatologist tested means there was a controlled study done on the formula that yielded favorable results.

5. Formulations Free from Artificial Fragrances, Colors and Dyes

When we say Thayers is all about natural ingredients, we mean it. That’s why we are happy to state that our formulations are free from any artificial fragrances, colors and dyes. Fun Fact: Did you know our Premium Facial Mists are unique because the formula is colored naturally? It’s true!

If you have skin that tends to be sensitive to these ingredients, then you’ll love our witch hazel products. That said, it is important to still talk with your dermatologist or patch test before fully incorporating witch hazel into your everyday face routine.

6. We Love to Help the Earth

At Thayers, we’re all about giving back to the planet. That’s why we do what we can to help the earth in as many ways as we can. From prioritizing renewable materials, recyclable bottles and packaging, to our biodegradable towelettes and the sustainable palm oil in our body bars, we do what we can to adhere to our environmental responsibilities.

Conclusion: Healthy Skincare Products Since 1847

At Thayers, we want to be more than just a bottle on your bathroom shelf. By using only the best ingredients in our formulas, we’re proud to help customers like you achieve a glowing complexion and improve the quality of your skin.

There’s a reason why we’ve been around since 1847, and we can’t wait to make it even longer. Trust the red cap, trust Thayers.

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