How Thayers Cares for the Earth

How Thayers Cares for the Earth 

Despite the chaos and uncertainty the global pandemic has brought upon us, one thing that is certain is the positive environmental impact that has resulted from people following stay at home procedures. This Earth Day, we can take comfort in knowing that in our efforts to help prevent  the spread of the novel virus, we are slowly but surely healing the earth as well, and that this pandemic can serve as a subtle reminder to show gratitude to our tiny planet! 

As a personal skincare brand that uses natural remedies in our formulas, we are always thinking of the ways we try to reduce our carbon footprint. Read on to learn more about how Thayers does their part in helping to be more planet friendly. 

Organic Farming Practices

Thayers is proud to say that the small family farm in Easton, Connecticut, where our office is headquartered, is also the same place our brand’s hero ingredient is harvested and grown. There is something special about being able to see the vibrant yellow hues of the witch hazel shrub blooming right outside our office windows! As the fall weather cools, and the fall foliage slowly disappears, the warm golden crumpled petals of the witch hazel shrub signify the end of the growing season. The witch hazel is ready to be harvested the traditional way, meaning the shrub is painstakingly picked and trimmed by hand and collected for delivery to a local manufacturing plant. Being free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOS, we remain mindful of friendly farming practices and stay certified organic in accordance with USDA. 

Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing

In addition to our local manufacturing processes, we’ve gone through the process of becoming certified Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) members to ensure the palm oil we source overseas minimizes environmental impact. We made the switch to sustainable palm oil in our witch hazel body bars because regular palm oil has too many social and environmental impacts that conflicted with our  mission and values of creating natural and cruelty-free products. Knowing the palm oil we source is always independently audited and certified against the RSPO standard helps to reduce the harmful environmental impact of palm oil cultivation and the effects it has on indigenous communities and their lands as well. 

Supporting Environmental Charities

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit environmental organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment, as well as human health. Their continuous research on environmental health serves to help consumers make safer, and more informed choices when it comes to the everyday products they choose. Their dedication to empowering people to live healthier while also protecting the environment makes EWG a charity that is near and dear to Thayers. We have a long standing relationship with our charity partner for many years now, and the work they do is something that aligns with our own missions and values. Our social media campaigns are aimed at raising money towards EWG.

Pure, Natural ingredients

We take our mission of creating pure and effective products of the highest quality ingredients seriously. Our formulas contain only the most necessary ingredients, and we make sure to use no harmful ingredients such as phthalates, sulphates, and being entirely free of all artificial fragrances, colors and dyes. Not only are these chemical ingredients damaging to our bodies by disrupting our endocrine systems, they cause harm to the environment by being major contaminants, seeping through industrial waste waters as well as contaminating through evaporation into the air. It’s important that we choose not to include ingredients that cause harm to our bodies, and to the environment. 

The Red Cap: A Symbol of Trust 

When you purchase a Thayers product, you might see a Red Cap seal on our newer labels. Our Red Cap seal serves as a reminder to “Trust the Red Cap”. Through this seal, we let our consumers know that we remain steadfast in our commitment to adhering to our social and environmental responsibilities, so that our red cap remains a symbol of trustworthy products, all the time. Earth Day is a great reminder that everything we do here at Thayers is to help protect our environment as well as encourage our customers to choose more sustainable options when it comes to personal care. 

Happy Earth Day!