Herbal Facial Steam: Natural Complex

Feeling stressed?

Facial Steaming is a simple and easy way to de-stress and bring some relaxation into your routine. This homeopathic remedy is infused with detoxifying herbs to open pores and loosen any dirt and bacteria for a fresh, clean complexion. You’ll love the feeling of the warm steam against your skin so sit back and give your skin a well deserved treat!

What You’ll Need
• Dried Calendula flowers
• Dried Lavender buds
• Dried Rose Petals
• ¼ cup of Thayers Unscented Facial Toner
• Large mixing bowl
• Purified or distilled water
• 1-2 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil
• 1-2 drops of Lemongrass essential oil


Add dried herbs and ¼ cup of Thayers Unscented Facial Toner to a large bowl. Carefully add in steaming water to dried herbs and toner mixture. Add in essential oils and gently stir the mixture all together. Place a towel over your head and lower face to the herbal mixture to a comfortable level. Breathe in, and relax!