Get Glowing with All-Natural DIY Spa Treatments


Girls just wanna have fun, and sometimes that means grabbing a few of your besties for a Girls Night In so you can whip up DIY spa treatments for everyone to enjoy. Author Maya Pagan has made it easy for anyone to be a DIY pro with her new book Girls’ Home Spa Lab: All-Natural Recipes, Healthy Habits, and Feel-Good Activities to Make You Glow. (Storey Publishing, LLC)

Packed with all-natural recipes, activities, and tips for self-care and relaxation, the 50 head-to-toe recipes can be easily made from ingredients in the kitchen cupboard, such as honey, oats, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. From homemade facial steams to Sleep Tight Tea, Sugar and Spice Lip Scrub, Coconut-Banana Deep Moisture Mask and Hydrating Floral Toner, the book encourages tweens and girls of all ages to explore their creativity while having fun mixing up their own spa treatments.

A winner of the Gold Mom’s Choice Award, the book’s author, Maya Pagan, is also a certified yoga instructor, founder of the craft blog “Maya Made,” and has taught online crafting classes for Creativebug. We caught up with this mother, blogger, artist, author, and teacher to learn more about her favorite DIY treatments.

1847 Magazine: You’re so versatile! What does a typical work day look like for you?

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Maya Pagan


Maya Pagan: I manage a busy yoga studio and teach several classes a week in Ithaca, New York. I love sharing what I know and love about wellness and healthy living with others.

1847: Have you written other books?

MP: Yes. I’ve written Reinvention- Sewing With Rescued Materials AND Hope, Make, Heal: 20 Crafts To Mend the Heart.

1847: What prompted you to write Girls’ Home Spa Lab?

MP: I spent several years directing Creativity Summer Camp for my daughter and her friends. I recognized their growing interest in their health and changing bodies. I wanted to create something that would be both fun and useful while teaching them self-care.

1847: Why do you think the DIY trend has skyrocketed?

MP: I believe it comes from the natural desire to be resourceful and the satisfaction that follows when you make something with your own two hands.


1847: What are some of your personal self-care routines?

MP: I practice yoga regularly, eat whole and nourishing food and wash my face and body with only a few simple ingredients.

1847: What are the top five ingredients to have on hand for numerous DIY treatments?


MP: My favorites are: coconut oil, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, beeswax, and honey.

1847: We were excited to see Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner in one of your DIY recipes. Had you tried any Thayers products before featuring them in your book?

MP: Yes! Starting when I was a teenager and all the way through college, I grew up using Thayers Original Astringent after I washed my face. I rediscovered it again when I was a mom. I still love the original formula, but also really enjoy the cucumber toner.

1847: Any feedback on this new book?

MP: Girls of all ages are having so much fun making and experimenting with the spa treatments. One reviewer said the book is great for girls, mothers, sisters and even brothers!

1847: What are some of your favorite DIY recipes in the book?

MP: I love the simple and delicious ones. Sugar and Spice Lip Scrub is always a winner!

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