Dr. Maura: The Inside Scoop on Organic

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Thayers certified organic witch hazel and aloe vera I love this time of year, as yesterday marked the end of Organic Harvest Month. I know… cooler temperatures, shorter days, leaves changing color, and kids back in school are typically what come to mind. Organic Harvest Month? What in the world is that? It’s a campaign that calls into focus how organic farming benefits the earth and educates people about the foods they should put into their bodies. Spearheaded by the leading organization of organic farmers and natural foods communities to raise awareness about their farming practices and foods, this campaign reinforces my belief that the benefits of implementing healthy foods and agriculture are invaluable on your journey to looking and feeling your best throughout your life.

By definition, organic products are grown without chemically formulated fertilizers, synthetic growth hormones, GMOs, irradiation, antibiotics, or pesticides. Certified Organic methods follow specific rules established by USDA.

Currently, there are over 17,000 certified-organic farms in the United States, including the family farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut where the famous Thayers Certified Organic Witch Hazel is sourced. Conventional farms spray their crops with chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and growth stimulants which not only affect the quality of the crops itself but cause a ripple effect amongst the workers who harvest the food as well as in the air and water quality and surrounding wildlife.

Going organic means you’re also supporting safer conditions for farmers and harvesters and proactively contributing to more clean and natural farming in the future. In turn, this results in a better environment, a cleaner earth, happier wildlife, and fewer greenhouse gasses. It’s simply better for our health and our planet we call home.

While we can’t change the world overnight, we can do our part to contribute to healthier foods and a healthier environment. So next time you visit the grocery store, try to purchase your produce, dairy, eggs, poultry or meat from the organic section. And with fall in full swing, so are farmers markets. If you have a farmers market in your area, stop by to show your support of the sustainability and future of these farms. By continuing to educate yourself about the growing processes and where your products actually come from, you’ll be better equipped to teach others about why organic farming is the best way to grow— and how it’s changed your life from the inside-out, in the best way.

By Dr. Maura Henninger, Licensed and Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician.  For more information on Dr Maura, please visit

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