Premium Witch Hazel

Thayers Witch Hazel Products and More

At Thayers Natural Remedies, we know you have a vast number of brands to choose from when it comes to selecting beauty, health, and skincare products. That’s why we offer formulas with natural ingredients to help you look and feel your best. Plus, all of our items are 100% cruelty-free.

Founded in 1847, we’ve been a fixture in medicine cabinets for over 170 years. Whether it is our Thayers Witch Hazel astringents or our alcohol-free toners, we take pride in offering only the best for your skin. Think products like rose water toner and other facial toners for dry, oily, combination, and any other skin types. Or try our smoothing witch hazel pads, toning towelettes, moisturizing cleansers, blemish sticks, and more. These witch hazel toners and natural astringents are designed for cleansing, moisturizing, and toning the skin to reduce blemishes. They are an excellent way to help banish acne and enjoy a beautiful complexion without worrying about harsh chemicals or other ingredients.

But that’s not where our product line ends. Our men’s shave cream, balm, and aftershave lotion are designed to leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and clean after each use. Likewise, our natural deodorants will help you feel clean and dry all day long. Best of all, these items meet all of the same guidelines and standards as the classic witch hazel facial products we’ve produced for many, many years.

As a trusted brand for nearly two centuries, we are proud to continue our tradition of providing our customers with the best skincare and personal care products available. Thayers Witch Hazel is the beauty secret that your grandmother cherished, and we are incredibly proud to continue the tradition to a new generation. Trust the Red Cap –  Trust Thayers.

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