Thayers Natural Spray Deodorants

At Thayers, we know the importance of quality skincare products. That’s why we are happy to introduce you to our entire line of natural deodorant sprays. Made from our certified organic witch hazel and aloe vera extract, these items are made in the U.S.A and are 100% cruelty-free.

Thayers effective natural spray deodorants come in three aromatic formulas. The Cucumber Spray Deodorant features a crisp, clean smell that will leave you feeling fresh all day long. Our Rose Petal Deodorant features a light, floral fragrance and has become a best-seller. In addition to our two aromas, we offer an Unscented Spray Deodorant for those who want the power of a quality product but have certain scent sensitivities.

Our pure and effective products are created to satisfy all of our customer’s skin requirements. Thayers natural deodorant sprays work with fermented yeast that targets and eliminates odor causing bacteria. Why is this important? This ingridient is non-toxic and specifically aims to break down odor causing compounds while assisting the skin’s cellular renewal.

It is important to understand that Thayers natural deodorant sprays aren’t like the kinds you might be accustomed to seeing on store shelves. Traditional stick deodorants use aluminum-based salts which is an ingredient that has been linked to negative health effects. Aluminum blocks sweat glands in the armpits which can cause allergies and other long term issues. Natural deodorants like Thayers do not eliminate sweat as they are not antiperspirants, however, they do eliminate body odor at the source. This is better for the ecosystem of the body and may help reduce rashes and other allergic reactions related to using antiperspirants.

What does this all mean? Natural deodorant products like Thayers Spray Deodorant are paraben-free making us one of the safest deodorant options out there. Our spray will simply leave you feeling clean and refreshed after a hard yoga session, day at work, or warm summer day. Best of all, the three available scent options are designed specifically to be gender-neutral, making them great for everybody.

As a staple in family medicine cabinets for over 170 years, we know what it takes to ensure your skin is healthy. Trust the red cap, trust Thayers.

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