Beat The Winter Skin Blues 

Beat The Winter Skin Blues 

Hate to break it to you, but we’re a month into the new year and it’s still winter. And with the first day of spring (March 19th, in case you were wondering) still a couple of months away, the unfortunate reality is that we still have to deal with cold air, central heating, chilly nights, and other winter woes for a little while longer.

Luckily, these less-than-ideal conditions don’t mean that you also have to deal with drab, dry winter skin. Here’s how to get that fresh-from-the-beach, dewy glow even in the dead of winter.

The Problem: Dry Winter Skin 

First: what’s really happening to your skin here? In winter, you’re dealing with lots of factors like:

  • Cold, blustery conditions outside that leave your skin feeling irritated and raw
  • Indoor heating that zaps away any moisture from the air (and from your face)
  • Lots of scratchy layers that rub your skin as you take them on and off
  • Ultra-hot showers that strip away any natural oil you might have left

…you get the picture.

All of this can compromise your skin’s natural barrier and strip your skin of its natural oils and protection. Add on extra dryness and dead skin cells, and you have a face that’s itchy, red, irritated, dull, and in need of some major TLC.

To fight back, you need replenishing, nourishing, and hydrating ingredients that are going to give your skin the winter rehab it deserves. Here are some tips and products to get you on the right track.

The Solution: Winter Skincare Tips That Works 
  1. Invest In An Alcohol-Free Toner 

Chances are you’ve already invested in some great moisturizers – and that’s usually not the problem. Instead, it’s the products that go underneath (like serums and toners) that can either exacerbate the issues or help dry, damaged skin. Try to avoid any products that contain alcohol. Products containing alcohol can further strip your skin and disrupt its natural pH, leaving it raw and prone to breakouts.

With your skin so rough, cracked and raw, you should consider investing in a great toner. Adding this step to your nightly routine will help cleanse, moisturize, and balance your skin – plus the tannins in our beloved Witch Hazel will provide antibacterial and antioxidant benefits to fight those free radicals and give you that long-forgotten summer glow.

  1. Protect Your Lips 

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the face, which makes dry, chapped lips an unfortunate hallmark of trying winter weather.

Make sure you have a healing, hydrating lip balm with moisture-restoring ingredients like beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin E. Your lips – and your Valentine – will thank you for it.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Body 

Finally, you can’t neglect the rest of your body – and itchy, ashy legs and elbows can be an inescapable reality after those relaxing, hot baths.

Keep as much moisture on your body as you can with a hydrating body bar. With a rich mix of palm oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and witch hazel, our body bars will cleanse your body while adding moisture (no lotion necessary). Plus, they smell great too – bonus!

Sayonara, winter skin!