It’s that time of year again, bring on the lighter fabrics and long stretches of sunny days. As we welcome the change in weather, we must also consider the changes that must be made when it comes to how we take care of our skin during the hot and humid months.

Besides drinking plenty of water and wearing sunscreen no matter what, there is no “one size fits all” advice when it comes to managing your summer skin. However, there are some universal issues unique to this time of year that can be avoided with the right care. Read on to learn about the simple adjustments and treatment recommendations to alleviate those issues and spend more time enjoying endless outdoor fun.

Issue: Greasy Skin.

Whether you have naturally dry, combination, or oily skin, most people tend to get greasier in the summer months. While a dewy complexion is always in season, you don’t want the excess oil to be confused with sweat. Try swapping out your heavier moisturizer for a gel-based one, or incorporate a purifying toner to use under your SPF. We recommend our Rose Petal Facial Toner, as the natural astringent properties of the rose petals work with the witch hazel formulation to tighten pores and control oil production for a balanced, glowing complexion.

Issue: Inflammation.

In this weather, there’s nothing better than the feeling of smooth, cleansed skin. However, that’s not always easy to achieve during the hot months and flare-ups are bound to occur. To combat shave bumps and sweat pimples, we love a quick swipe of our cooling Cucumber is packed with Vitamin C, a key antioxidant for diminishing clogged pores and soothing the skin, as it helps to reduce puffiness, irritation, and fight free radical that can lead to skin aging.

Issue: Feeling Sticky.

When the humidity is so bad that your clothes are literally sticking to your skin, it can feel pretty unpleasant. When this happens, a quick refresh is in order, which is why our Facial Mists are so handy. A few quick spritzes of any one of our revitalizing scented or unscented varieties will leave you feeling instantly replenished. They’re alcohol-free and formulated with our famous organic witch hazel and aloe vera remedy to give your skin an extra boost of hydration without contributing to more discomfort.

Issue: Sunburn

It happens to the best of us, you applied SPF in the morning but fell asleep on the sand, forgot to reapply, and got burned. If it hurts to move and you’re dreading having to shower, look no further than our Peppermint Body Bar to help restore the skin. The natural cooling effects of peppermint along with the organic witch hazel and aloe vera formula help to calm and soothe, while the coconut and palm oils work to smooth and moisturize for the most pleasant post-burn experience.

Issue: Bug Bites

More time outside means more chances for mosquitos to leave their mark. Combat the unsightly look and feel of a bug bite with our Medicated Skin Irritation Relief to rescue the skin. It’s a natural first-aid kit in a bottle as it soothes bites, itches, rashes, and burns quickly and effectively. Thanks to the medicated pain reliever Camphor and Eucalyptus formula along with our filet of aloe vera and proprietary witch hazel extract, the irritation will be a short-lived issue.

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