All Purpose Cleaner: Natural Complex

Our DIY non-toxic All-Purpose Cleaner is so simple to make! We use water, Castile soap for a deep clean; Thayers Lemon Astringent and tea tree essential oil to disinfect; and baking soda to scrub and neutralize odor. Not only will it leave your kitchen, bathroom or wherever else you use it sparkling clean, it will provide an amazing fresh scent too. This spray can be used on all surfaces safely and effectively.

What You’ll Need

• ¼ cup of Water (purified or distilled)*
• ¼ cup of Thayers Lemon Astringent
• 1 tsp of Unscented liquid Castile soap
• 1 tsp of Baking Soda
• 20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
• Funnel
• Spray Bottle
*Clean tap water may be used for storage (1-2 weeks). Use distilled water for long-term storage


Combine all ingredients in a small jar or bowl. Funnel solution into a spray bottle. Mix well. Attach spray nozzle, and slightly shake before each use. For best disinfecting results, spray on surfaces and leave for several minutes before wiping clean.