5 Times Your Facial Mist Will Save You


For when you’re running low on beauty sleep and can’t see beyond your shoes, keys, and the door— a few quick sprays and your skin will thank you while you’re on-the-go!

Getting from point A to point B can be a task on its own, keeping your skin hydrated and feeling refreshed shouldn’t be another. Whatever journey you’re embarking on, sit back, give yourself a couple of effortless sprays, and voilà!

At Work
Dry office? Skin feel like you’re walking through a desert but you’re literally just sitting at your desk? We thought so. Quench your skin’s thirst, soften, and moisturize in just a few sprays. (Heads up – your co-workers may end up wanting in on this magic.)

In between checking off items from your errands list and making sure to restock your weekly  groceries, don’t forget to refuel and refresh your skin’s natural glow. Spritz n’ spray— resume.

You’ve made it through the day and your body says, “this is it folks, we’re not moving away from this bed!” Been there, done that. Don’t fret, keep your Thayers Facial Mist Toner on your nightstand and you’ll never feel like you’re skipping your PM skincare.

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