4 Step Acne Clearing Routine

Four Simple Skincare Tips to Help Give You Acne-Free Skin

Waking up and seeing an unwelcome blemish on your face is something the majority of people have faced at one point in our lives. It can be annoying, and downright frustrating, especially when they seem to keep returning, no matter what acne fighting products you’ve tried out. The aftermath can be the worst part for some – even after finally getting rid of the pimple itself, you’re left with the dark spots and scarring that stay after. After months of innovation and creation, Thayers has finally come up with a simple, four step skincare treatment for acne scars, blemishes and pimples. Say hello to our newest Blemish Clearing Collection! We’re going to walk you through our four step regimen so you can stay ahead of your skin and keep those breakouts at bay.

Step 1: Choose an Alcohol Free Acne Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

This should be a no brainer, but cleansing your face is the foundation of any good skincare routine. You should begin with a cleanser that is gentle and lightweight, but effective enough that it will remove all debris and residual makeup that might be left over. During the day, dirt, impurities and the natural oils your face produces will build up on the surface of skin. As it continues to build, pores become clogged and lead to breakouts. Maintaining a cleansing routine is critical when dealing with recurring acne as blocked pores are the foundation of acne, and the aftermath leads to unwanted dark spots and acne scarring.

If you’re specifically looking to target acne, you want to make sure the cleanser you choose in your daily routine contains Salicylic acid and is alcohol free. While alcohol can feel refreshing and cooling on the skin, they cause more long term damage than you might be aware of. In addition to deteriorating the skin barrier, they can also lead to further irritation, dryness and breakouts. Many cleansers contain alcohol but the experts at Thayers have formulated our Blemish Clearing cleanser to be an alcohol free cleanser that relies on 2% salicylic acid and tea tree oil to keep oily skin regulated. While it’s not your traditional physical exfoliating cleanser that depends on grains of walnut shells or jojoba beads, our Blemish Clearing cleanser can be considered a chemical exfoliating cleanser that harnesses the power of beta hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid to exfoliate dirt and debris stuck deep within pores, leaving your skin clear above and below the surface.

Step 2: Make Sure to Follow up With an Alcohol Free Toner

Toning is a step that usually gets neglected because many don’t see the benefits that come with using a quality facial toner, or believe that it is too harsh on the skin. In reality, toning has a multitude of benefits, from cleansing the skin to removing oil and restoring the skin’s pH level, and is an integral step before applying serums and moisturizers so they can work more efficiently. When choosing a toner to incorporate into your skincare routine, you should always opt for an alcohol free toner. While some skin types might be able to handle alcohol in toners, for others it can mean irritated and unhappy skin.

Many of you have been waiting in anticipation for a Thayers witch hazel toner that will help with excessive oiliness sans alcohol. We’re happy to say that our alcohol free custom Blemish Clearing toner is a high quality toner that quickly absorbs into skin to gently wipe away impurities, to leave skin feeling cleansed and clean with no irritation. Witch hazel toners are soothing to most all skin types, and our proprietary blend includes skin soothing Aloe Vera for hydration as well. Making an effort to tone during the morning and night will visibly improve the appearance of acne scars, thanks to the salicylic acid and tea tree oil present in our alcohol free toner.

Step 3: Don’t Forget Moisture!

Your skin needs a good balance of moisture in the skin barrier. Not only is it important to moisturize so skin doesn’t dry out, but if you don’t do your due diligence in keeping your skin hydrated, you risk your skin becoming dull, dehydrated and increasing your chances of early onset wrinkles. Stay away from moisturizers that contain alcohol as a main ingredient. Many that contain this ingredient slowly deteriorate the fragile skin mantle and make it harder to keep moisture in. Over time, your skin will start over producing oil to compensate for the loss of moisture, thus making it work overtime. Choose an alcohol free lightweight moisturizer like our Blemish Clearing Balm that won’t be too heavy on your skin, but will effectively hydrate and add that layer of hydration to your skin and keep it in.

Acne scars can be extremely difficult to get rid of, but choosing a daily moisturizer with salicylic acid can drastically improve the appearance of acne scarring. Salicylic acid works by speeding up skin cell turnover, while dissolving the oil based impurities that clog pores. Tea tree oil also has benefits for acne and scarring, its microbial properties penetrate into the pores to unclog acne causing bacteria, helping ward off future blemishes and scarring in the process.

Step 4: Incorporate a Physical Exfoliating Treatment

A physical exfoliating treatment can make all the difference for those who struggle with breakouts and acne scars. Exfoliation works to slough away the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin, revealing newer, brighter skin underneath. Most people think of exfoliation as scrubbing something rough and grainy on your skin. This can be extremely irritating and can damage our fragile skin barrier. Our Blemish Clearing Pad uses textured pads to give skin an exfoliating effect, without compromising the skin barrier.

If your skin falls under the oily or blemish prone category, adding a weekly exfoliation routine can be a necessity. People who have acne prone skin don’t shed dead skin cells as effectively as other skin types. This process is known as desquamation, and is important for the maintenance of fresh healthy skin. Salicylic acid and tea tree oil in the Blemish Clearing pads can help with the process of desquamation by stimulating skin cell turnover as well as smoothing out any uneven textures you might have. Our alcohol free witch hazel pads are non-abrasive but give just enough exfoliation to reveal a fresh complexion.

The Best Way to Treat Acne and Blemishes – One Step at a Time

In summary, clean skin begins with a clear step by step regimen. When dealing with issues like acne, blemishes and scarring, opt for natural skincare products that contain ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil; two of the most powerful ingredients when it comes to fighting off blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and anything in between. With the right information, choosing the right products to incorporate in your skincare routine doesn’t have to be so daunting anymore!

Tell us in the comments below what products you use to fight off acne!